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From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more
From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more

Oral Sex Moves You Should Know

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Personally, I’m not a fan of the term “blow job.” It sounds silly. “Giving head” sounds dirtier and more adult. But Oral sex makes the gyneac in me feel most comfortable. We all have that one friend who genuinely likes giving head, and honestly – kudos! But for those of you, like me, who are happy to learn more – the only way out is practice…or this blog post!  


Here’s a starter pack on how you can take your oral sex game to the next level!

  1. Don’t just dive in. Go slow. Most men are insecure about their penises – is it too small, is it too dark, did her ex have a bigger one…you get the drift. Much like us, they too need to feel secure and confident in their junk. That’s why, the speed at which you go can make your man hyper-aware of what you think of his goods. You don’t want them to feel like you’re desperate to get it over with – so take your time.
  2. Make sure you are up to doing it. Personally, I find that if I am not in the right headspace prior to going down on a guy, I’m probably not going to enjoy myself or do a very good job of it. His pleasure starts with me – I have to be having a good time in order for him to have a good time.
  3. Taking off clothes can be one of the hottest parts of sex — don’t rush it. Massage him through his pants for a little bit. Make a show of pulling his penis out. Do it slowly, look at him first before you dive in.
  4. Flick the frenulum. The frenulum is located on the underside of the penis head, which for many men is the most sensitive part of the penis. When you’re ready, start with gentle flicks on the frenulum with the tip of your tongue. Flick it back and forth, up and down, slowly creeping your lips up over his head, then backing off. The heat from your mouth and your breath will make him throb with anticipation — practically begging you to slide it in your mouth.

    A really fun way to up your oral sex game is to throw some flavour into the mix. Flavoured condoms and flavoured lubes can make blow jobs so much more fun and flavourful if you’re into that kinda thing. They come in very interesting variants and can add a lot of excitement to oral play. Plus, using condoms when you go down on someone is the best way to avoid STIs, and honestly, the flavour will leave you with a muuuuch better taste in your mouth.

  5. Perhaps you are repulsed at the thought of him ejaculating into your mouth. That’s no big deal. A great way to avoid this when giving him head is to finish him off with a hand job. As he reaches orgasm, simply take his penis out of your mouth and use your hands to finish him off.A very sexy and hot alternative to letting your boyfriend finish in your mouth is to have him finish on your body. There are many different ways to do this.Pearl Necklace – If you are on your knees while giving your man head, then a simple finishing move is to let him ejaculate and cum on your neck, giving you a “pearl necklace.”

    Body Painting – If you’re feeling up to it, there are other parts of your body where you can allow him to finish. These include your breasts, back, and butt. But these aren’t the only places he can finish on, essentially painting your body with his cum.

    Facials – Everyone knows facials can be incredibly hot when giving your man head, but…everyone has their preferences. So if you don’t particularly like the idea of your man ejaculating all over your face, DON’T ever feel compelled to take a facial for him.
    However, if you are neutral to it or even turned on by the thought of it, then definitely try it out at least once with your man.

    P.S. – Be aware that his cum can sting and irritate your eyes, so when he is giving you a facial, make sure to close your eyes or grab hold of his penis with your hand so you can control and direct where he ejaculates.

  6. Edging your man is like having a superpower. It prolongs his pleasure and makes his orgasm so much more intense when he finally ejaculates. Basically, when you can tell that your man is close to finishing, stop everything! The idea is for him to reset, preventing an orgasm. As you reduce your stimulation, he will realize that he’s not going to cum yet and will feel like you are teasing him slightly. That’s what you need to keep doing.Then, restart and try to bring him close to orgasm a second time…before you hit the breaks on it yet again. Repeat this technique – only teasing him until you let him cum.  When he does finally cum, his orgasm will feel a lot more powerful than normal because he got so close twice beforehand.P.S.  – This is also a great technique to use when he is eating you out, during sex, or even when you are masturbating alone.Finally, and most importantly, when you’re new to giving head, avoid teeth altogether. Usually, when you’re too eager or aggressive or suck too hard, your teeth will get in the way, and it will hurt him. The skin of the penis is very thin and delicate and extremely sensitive. Try wrapping your lips around your teeth as a barrier, or staying close to the tip, around the head, where it’s easier to avoid teeth-to-skin contact, and letting your hand take over at the base.


    And that’s it! Just know this. You can learn a lot from me, and reading this – but the fact is, your partner is the only one who can teach you how to give good head – the way he likes it. So just talk about it, and blow him away…if you know what I mean! 


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