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From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more
From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more

Armpits & Belly Buttons: Erogenous zones or not?

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Trying to find new and interesting ways to spice things up in the bedroom? Try these sensual hotspots!

Erogenous zones are areas of the body that are particularly sensitive and can cause sexual arousal when touched or stimulated. While most people are familiar with the obvious erogenous zones such as the genitals, breasts, and lips, there are lesser-known areas that when stimulated correctly, can provide an added layer of pleasure. In this blog, we will be discussing four such areas: the underarms, belly button, lower abdomen, and waist.

The media has played a significant role in shaping our perception of what is considered sexually attractive. Traditionally, the focus has been on the breasts, buttocks, and genitals, but in recent years, other areas have gained attention. For example, in pop culture, the armpit fetish has gained popularity, with some people finding the appearance/ look, smell and taste of the armpits highly erotic. Similarly, belly buttons and the lower abdomen have been fetishized in certain communities and in mainstream films as well.

Indian culture and Bollywood as well as regional films are notorious for fetishizing and sexualizing these parts of the body, with parts like the belly button being portrayed as a symbol of beauty and sensuality. Whether it’s the thumkas in item songs, to crop tops, sarees and low-rise jeans – though Indian media has often portrayed women as objects of desire, focusing solely on their physical appearance, this exploration has also resulted in a sensual portrayal of lesser-known erogenous zones, which has led to this becoming a widely accepted part of Indian culture. Indirectly, this has led to many Indians exploring these regions and erogenous zones much before their western counterparts.

We’ve rounded up some of the secret erogenous zones you may not have thought twice about exploring. You can consider exploring these body parts as a form of foreplay; trying something new can even help you to liven things up if you’re falling into a routine with your partner. 


Conventionally, armpits don’t generally rank high on the list of the sexiest body parts, though the pheromones they secrete can be one of the keys to sexual attraction. However, the skin in this area is thin and contains many nerve endings, making it particularly sensitive to touch. Some strategic stimulation, such as tickling, can awaken them as a powerful erogenous zone—likewise for the inner elbow, and inner arm.

Belly button:

Moving on to the belly button, this is another area that can be highly sensitive. The navel contains many nerve endings and is connected to the genitals through the nervous system. Gently touching or tickling the belly button can send waves of pleasure through the body, especially when combined with other forms of stimulation.

Lower abdomen and waist:

Being dangerously close to the genitals makes the lower abdomen and waist especially arousing. These areas are often neglected during sexual play but can be arousing when given the attention they deserve. Stimulate these highly sensitive areas with your tongue, fingertips, or even a feather and tease your way down and all around the abdomen. This is also a great spot for some temperature play! Try using body-safe candles to turn up the heat, or maybe an ice cube to tickle the nerve endings in this zone.

Exploring lesser-known erogenous zones can be exciting and add an extra level of pleasure to your sexual experiences. Everyone may have different preferred spots, so always remember to give your partner feedback—and encourage them to do the same. Keeping things playful is a great way to explore all the secret erogenous zones that you may not have previously considered; and sometimes, you discover spots that you didn’t realize were quite so ticklish. Try incorporating toys and products, like (this) feather tickler or even some of (these) Hot and Cold Lubes! By focusing on pleasure and consent, you can enhance your sexual experiences and create a deeper connection with your partner.

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