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From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more
From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more

How to Stimulate the G-spot?

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O M G-Spot!

Learn how to meet & greet the elusive G-Spot, the pleasure centre that exists for your sexual bliss
“Mona Darling, Sona Kahan hai?” (‘Mona Darling, Where is the Gold?’) With this popular Bollywood movie dialogue, do we have your attention, as to what hidden gold are we referring to and where is it hidden? 

Well of course, we are talking about the very elusive and golden G-spot! Yes! This is no mythical creature you only hear of in fairy tales and legends. The pleasure baby very much exists. But like all good things in life, what’s the fun if there isn’t a little tease and effort involved. So, let’s unearth this sexual gold and how you can treasure it!
Spot your G-Spot

Getting familiarised with the beautiful, layered anatomy of vulva owners is the first obvious, yet important step in this journey of meeting Ms.G. You need to know how to locate your G-spot and eventually even guide your partner. 

The ‘One Knuckle’ rule can help you with this. Take a finger (or two, as per your comfort), lube it up, and gently slide it into your vaginal opening. Curve upwards in the direction of your urethra/ belly button as you navigate your insides. You will stumble upon a soft, plushy mass of tissue after going about A KNUCKLE DEEP and voila here she is! The location, as you might have figured out by now, is right under the urethra, thereby giving it its clinical name – ‘peri or para urethral tissue’.  

Now the catch here is that the G-Spot is not exactly a singular point, but rather, a zone. It is an area of erectile, highly sensitive tissue that fluffs up with blood as it is aroused. Some theories point to the G-spot being right behind the clitoris, which is what leads to it being an important zone when it comes to orgasms. Since there is a lot of soft mass in and around the area your fingers would be probing at, once you follow the directions above. To help you distinguish the G-Spot from the other tissues, it is essential that you are well aroused. Arousal will swell up the G-tissue and make it easy to pin down. 
Let The Games Begin

Lube, Arousal, Location, and you are now up for a dalliance with Ms.G. 
Mind Over Matter

Like all other happy sexual plays, stimulating the G-Spot also begins with the mind. Especially if you have always been engaging in clitoral orgasms during solo sessions or vaginal penetration only with your partner, you should start with some beautiful affirmations:

  • I can easily locate my G-Spot
  • My G-Spot gives me intense pleasure
  • I can play with my G-Spot and invite my partner too to this new experience

Because of the slightly tricky location of the G-Spot and lack of awareness of the right manner of its stimulation, our minds get conditioned to believing that ‘G-Spot play is not for me’ or that ‘it is only for very experienced people’. You can also use meditation or intention setting to break this mental loop and aid the building up of a new neural pathway. 

Also, it is important to note that since it is a whole new intimacy experience, your mind and body will take time to respond. Most women, quote anywhere between 15-30 minutes for a full enjoyable experience initially. As you practise, you can bring this down considerably, but enter with realistic expectations.
Loosen Up

Once you have your mind on your side, it is equally important to warm up your body as well. Here, deep, sensual breathing and free flowing movements of the body can work their magic. Lay down or prop up in a relaxed position and intentionally loosen your arms, hands and feet, shaking them gently. Gradually, groove your pelvic region side to side and up and down, like in a slow dance, and let your hips do the talking. This might seem aimless to you, but making it a part of the routine has two pronged benefits:

  • Your mind and body learn that all play is not just intended at the final orgasm. You can relish the sexual experience that comes while working towards the end goal.
  • Your body becomes both relaxed and activated to receive the new stimulation you are trying to present it with.

Meet and Greet Ms. G

Once you have laid the groundwork, it is time to meet Ms. G. There are 3 very popular and expert-backed finger tracking methods that can awaken your G-Spot slowly and beautifully. Most people choose  either technique 2 or 3 in conjunction with 1, because the first technique helps warm up the G-tissues for your intimate escapade.

#1 Gentle Circles: As you reach the G-Spot, start your stimulation practice by gently moving your fingers in clockwise and anticlockwise circles. You will notice that slowly the tissue that was aroused a little earlier, starts swelling under your fingers.

#2 Come Hither: After the teasy-little warm up of technique #1, you are ready to level it up. In this technique, you need to curve your finger(s) at the second knuckle and make slow ‘come here’ motions, while pushing at the G-spot tissue in light upwards swoops.

With this technique, as the swollen tissue gets even more aroused, it will start getting puffier and pushes at the urethra above. This will give you a sense of fullness and a feeling of ‘need to pee’. You have to remember that it is not pee (unless you are on a full/ almost full bladder), but ejaculatory urethral fluid that is getting excited. Hold the feeling and focus on enjoying the new set of sensations.

#3 Suck Me: In this technique, the finger motion gets altered a little. You are still bending the finger(s) at the second knuckle but this time pull down from the upper wall of the G-spot tissue, making a ‘pop’ sound. This is the suction sound of arousal fluids getting pulled down with your fingers. Majority of women quote maximum sensations with this technique, though it can take some additional practice to get the manoeuvre right. But this also means extra pleasure time right? *wink wink*
Toys and Positions 

Since G-Spot stimulation can be such a magical experience, how can you not have wands to help you along the way? G-Spot Massagers  come in  ergonomic designs with a slightly curved  tip. This is great for targeted stimulation of the G-Zone    and it also means  you do not need to tire your arm and hands as you await the arousal buildup. Some even come with a tip that is ribbed for the extra oomph factor! . Especially if you are using these with your partner, it can ease the pressure off both of you and increase chances of a happy G-Spot encounter. Plus, you have so many materials to choose from – glass, silicone, crystal etc. Check out the range on 

Last but not the least, are knowing sexual positions that can offer the best possible chances of greeting Ms. G. If you are experimenting solo, try squatting or lying down with legs in butterfly pose or legs wide open with knees bent and for extra pleasure, prop your chest forward as well. If you are trying it out with a partner, try the good ol’ missionary if the penis curves upwards and cowgirl with rocking/ pulsing if the penis curves downwards. 

Happy G-Spotting!

About the Author

Dr. Pallavi Barnwal

Pallavi Barnwal is a globally renowned certified sexuality, and intimacy coach. She follows a psycho-socio-bio therapeutic approach in her sessions.

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