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From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more
From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more From the house of TTK, makers of Skore Condoms, Prestige, Woodwards, Eva & more

Stimulants Gels & Creams

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Looking for something to get you in the mood? Stimulant gels and creams are one of the best options to add more oomph to your pleasure time.

Stimulants can be in different forms like gels, water-based, oils, etc. They help boost oxygen and blood flow when applied and enhance the sexual experience. When applied they amplify sensations, accelerate orgasmic intensity, and increase pleasure for you to reach the Big O quicker and easier.

Most stimulant gels and creams contain L-Arginine – a non-essential amino acid that is naturally produced in the human body. It helps promote blood circulation and sensitivity
How to apply it?

  • Use your finger to take a small amount of the stimulant. Follow the instructions given on the stimulant’s pack, if provided.
  • Apply it to the clitoris and rub it in gently, as instructed on the pack.
  • Wait for a few minutes to feel a warm, tingly sensation. Only if you notice no change, apply some more.
  • After applying, you can then either massage your sweet spot with your hands or use a pleasure toy.
  • At last, fully immerse yourself and let the pleasure wave hit you!

Stimulants create a tingling sensation on the parts it is applied due to the increased blood flow. So if you’re flying solo, this could help you achieve bigger gasps with ease. If you’re using it with your partner, stimulants can help take foreplay sessions to the next level thus intensifying the pleasure experience for the both of you.
Few tips!

  • When buying a stimulant, check its ingredients. Different ingredients have different sensations so choose as per your preference.
  • Stimulants can come in different forms, choose what kind of consistency suits you.
  • Do a patch test first before using the stimulant.
  • Before using, check whether the product is limited to external use or can be applied internally as well.

In Highlight!
Mstique Stimulant Gel: This stimulating gel from MsChief produces warm and tingling sensations while remaining gentle on your clitoris.

Key Features:

  • Water-based
  • Contains aloe vera that soothes skin.
  • Safe for all skin types.

Ero stimulating clitoris cream: Made using the right ingredients at the right composition, this cream is your ticket to an amazing experience.

Key Features:

  • Skin-friendly and easy to use
  • Safe to use with sex toys and condoms
  • Stimulates the clitoris, increasing blood flow

Ease into the world of pleasure

An add-on can always help you spice things up in the bedroom and enhance your sexual experiences. If stimulant gels and creams sound like just what you need, then don’t be afraid to try something new and fun.

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